Lash Lift Kit

Lash Lift Kit

Lash lift Kit Eyelash Perming Kit Makeup Tool

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Lash Lift Kit

Direction of Use:
1. Use the cleanser to clean off the oil, dust, and makeup residue.
2. Apply the eye pads on the under eyelids to protect our skin from the perming lotion.
3. Put the lift-pads on the eyelash, then apply the glue on the eyelash to keep it stick on the pads.
4. Use the glue, setting the eyelashes on the lift-pads about 1 munites.
5. Use the #1 perm lotion (blue color) on the eyelashes and then cover the plastic film abobut 8~12 minutes.
6. Use the #2 fixing agent (pink color) on the eyelash and then cover the plastic film about 8~12 minutes.
7. Clean the eyelash lift-pads, the use the #3 lotion (yellow color) to nourish eyelash.
8. Use the #4 cleanser (white transparent color) to clean off all the perm residur.

1. Keep the perm lotion and fixing agent 1mm away from the root of eyelash and eyelids.
2. The the perm lotion and fixing agent after cleaning cannot touch the root of eyelash and eyelids neither.

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Lash Lift Kit


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