Private Label Service For All Kinds Of Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension Manufacturer


1:We can do all kinds of lash extensions you need !

Volume Lash
Classic Lash
L Curl Lash
ellipse flat lashes
Ellipse Flat Lash
easy fan lash
Easy Fan Lash
YY Lash
YY Shap Lash
3D W Lash
3D W Shape Lash
4D W Lash
4D W Shape Lash
5D W Lash
5D W Shape Lash
Colored Lash
Ombre Lash
UV Colored Lash
2D-6D Short Premade Volume Fan
2D-6D Long Premade Volume Fan
10D 20 D Cluster Lash
Self Fanning Lash-Little Devil
Self Fanning Lashes-No Root​
Self Fanning Lashes-Angel​

2:We can design the paper for free until you are satisfied !

Lash lines

How many lines can we do?

6,8,10,12,14,16,20 lines in one box.

We have designed paper cards for 10000 + customers and are very experienced.


3:We can do all lash Thickness,Curl,Length and Lash Boxes of lash extensions you need !

4:We also offer a custom service for eyelash tweezer,glue,bonder,primer,cleaner and remover

0.3S Pro Fast Drying Lash Glue
0.5S Fast Drying Eyelash Glue
1S Fast Drying Eyelash Glue
2S Non Odor Lash Glue
1S Clear Pink Eyelash Glue
Strawberry Flavor Lash Glue Remover
Cantaloupe Lash Glue Remover
Lash Bonder
Lash Primer
Lash Cleaner Shampoo
Eyelash Tweezers
Eyelash Glue Primer

Our Happy Clients

"Joyseen is our main lash supplier,Their factory can do all the eyelashes and have low price."
Marilyn Keller


Top 1 Eyelash Extension OEM & ODM Manufacture

Pingdushi Joyseen Lash Manu facture Factory is a manufacture, design and selling of eyelashes as one company, mainly responsible for product development and brand building. 


Whether you’re curious about custom eyelash extension or wholesale, we’re here to answer any questions.