Lash Bonder


Lash Bonder

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Lash Bonder

GLAMLASH super bonder instantly cures lash glue and fumes.Instead of the usual 24 hours drying time,within 3 minutes of being applied,lash extension are done.
Your treatments take less time and have better retention with less irritation.
GLAMLASH super bonder cures lash glue and its fumes instantly,reduce allergic reactions caused by glue fumes,increases lash retention up to 50%

How To Use:
1,Wait 2 minutes after finishing lash application(to avoid shock polymerisation)
2,Using a micro-brush,apply directly to the extensions at the adhesive bonding points.just a thin aplication will do.
3,It is safe to wash the glue fume residue off around the eye area after 2-3 minutes.

Lash Bonder

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Lash Bonder


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