J/B/C Bottom Lashes


GLAMLASH Bottom Lashes Curl J/B/C Bottom Individual Mink Natural Lash Mix 5-7mm Length 12rows/Case Makeup Supplier

Brand Name: GLAMLASH
Product Style :Lower eyelashes
Package : 12 rows/tray
Thickness : 0.07/0.10mm
Length :5-7mm
Curl : J/B/C
Color : Black
Feature:Natural ,Soft ,Fluffy,Eye Lashes Extension



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GLAMLASH Bottom Lashes Curl J/B/C Matte Black 5-7mm Length 12 Rows/tray

How To Use?
STEP 1: Tape your eyelids to make your eyelashes more visible.
STEP 2: Clean up your eyelashes with an eyelash brush and cleanser-foaming to make sure your eyelashes are clean enough to prevent discomfort after eyelashes are grafted.
STEP 3: Use appropriate tweezers to clip an eyelash from the eyelash box.
STEP 4: Dip your eyelashes into a small amount of glue using tweezers.
STEP 5: Use tweezers to eyelashes extension to the appropriate eyelash area.
STEP 6: In turn, different lengths of false eyelashes are extension to different parts of the eye.The eyes will become bigger and more attractive.


Additional information

Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions15 × 7 × 2 cm
False Eyelashes Type:

Bottom Lashes

False Eyelashes Curl:

J, B, C


J, B, C


0.07mm, 0.10mm




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